share yourself with the world

in a way which feels ethical, authentic, consensual & effective.

Copywriting Magic

Join me on a 4-week container to co-create your business’ web copy:

Get CLEAR on your WHY:

This coaching, co-creation and reflection exercises will have you sharpen up your who, what and why so that you can effectively sell your work to clients.

Write your sales copy:

At the end you will have created your Sales Page, About Page, Work With Me Page, Landing Page.

Learn how to write for your business:

So you can manage your own social media, newsletters and website without hiring a copywriter.

Learn how to market yourself ethically:

We work from the heart always, with gratitude and spirit to create something which is ethical, authentic and joyful.

USD250 per session / four sessions in total

*You can submit upto 2,500 words per session for review and discussion

i believe
work is worship.

Your unique potential

I believe we each are blessed with special gifts, skills, talents, wounds and paths.

I believe in the unique amalgamations only YOU could create professionally.

You, who were born into this body, into this economy, this culture, this era, this technology and this specific constellation of stars. I believe in your blueprint is the potential for your unique greatness.

It is a song, algorithm, coaching, nail salon, cleaning business or an SME incubator.

You have the right to bring it out into the world. You have the right to earn a living from it.

You have the right to… SHINE.

we’ve been conditioned to think we need to tone ourselves down to fit in. try not to be

too intense
too much

Marketing – averse

Are you SICK of cheesy, icky, sleazy internet marketing tactics? Yeah. Me too.

Entrepreneurs are fascinating people.

They have sharp minds, a lifetime of exhilarating adventures and hard-earned wisdom. I love working with ethical, conscious and pro-justice entrepreneurs. They inspire me, encourage me and uplift me.

I want the whole world to know just how fantastic they are…but for some reason that’s not always happening. What I’ve noticed is that these kinds of entrepreneurs are really hesitant to ‘market themselves’.

They look at internet marketing as icky, sleazy, misleading and painful. They feel stuck when it comes to articulating their life’s lessons and messages. They feel frustrated, confused and unmotivated with internet marketing.

The stagnation makes them question whether transitioning to the internet is really possible – they ask: can I really make a living from this thing?

This is where I come in.

I partner with you to:



write copy

Let’s think together

Yes, you need marketing.  You also need someone to fully see you. To think with you. To try on your offers.

Using Kelly Diel’s Feminist Copywriting methods, I help you create something which is authentic, honest, pro-justice and ethical.   I recently finished Kelly Diel’s Feminist Copywriting Certification – which has opened up my eyes.  

I’ve learned how to and will guide you to:

Be honest 

Show up 100% as who you are. Let’s honour every aspect of what got you to this point.

This means we are going to MINE your life for EVERY. SINGLE. BIT of legitimate qualifications and life experiences.  When you have it all down in front of you – you’re going to say: “Dayyyyyyum! I’m SO the person for this”.  

Your marketing will feel less like you’re trying to trap someone or brag about yourself… it will feel like an honest invitation.  You will feel more proud of your marketing and offering. Legitimacy is the ultimate antidote to feeling like your marketing is sleazy.

Your marketing can be simply

an honest invitation

Own It!

Your world view is incredible – let’s get it out there

When you share with others what you believe in your heart – that my friend, is marketing at its most pure and most effective. I’ll help you get there.  How?We’ll consider your professional legacy, lineage, training and vision. We’ll start to carve out your unique job title.  We will begin to identify your intellectual property – what is it that you believe?  What are the problems you are equipped to take on? What is the future you are working to co-create? 

Lead With Vision

Sell your work to people by sharing your vision, your dreams and your greater hope INSTEAD of pressing their pain points. 

When you can tap into your deeper vision and articulate it – you can sell from a place of confident alignment.

We will work to identify your core values and vision. Everything flows once you have this piece of the puzzle.

sell from a place of


Invite consent 

So much of internet tactics are sneaky, sleazy and non-consensual. It takes re-learning to change how we do things.

Are you thinking of growing your list by creating an Opt-in? Are you putting together a sales page? I’ll show you how to do this without pressing down on your client’s pain points. I’ll help you honour your client by using only the highest integrity as you package your offer.



be seen.

start the party.



be seen.

start the


How does this work?

Before each session, you’re going to do a lot of reflection. I will give you a series of questions and prompts to consider. Intake exercise – Get clear on what your core source of income is, what your business goals are and you’re personal objectives from our work together

  • Session 1 – What is the offer? We start with understanding what you are selling, why people should buy it.

  • Session 2- Who are you? Why are you qualified and called to do this work or offer this product?

  • Session 3 – How can people work with you? What are the different services you provide?

  • Session 4 – Bringing it altogether – what are you core values, your core marketing message and your vision for the world. What is the best way to get your message OUT THERE?

we work from the heart, with gratitude and spirit