I Cherish Relationships

The people I work with really matter to me…

My work has never ever been just a job. I bring to every professional engagement a sense of enthusiasm, integrity and commitment. My work matters to me. The people I work with really matter to me.

On this page, I’ve put together some of the recommendations I’ve received over the years.

I don’t have a lot of prized possessions – but this page does warm my heart. This is what my work is about. Relationships. I’ve compiled them for you to get a sense of who I am from some of the people who knew my professionalism the best.

testimonials from my clients as a

storytelling coach

“Her Professional Pr And Marketing Experience Coupled With Her Personal Talents As A Coach, Can Do Wonders.”

“When booking a session with Eva I thought she’d help me to write my story, but our work together was so much more than just that. First, she made me realize that I already had the story, and could easily see the true message and value in it.

But she went beyond the story telling and in a very short time could understand the core of my business and it’s true priorities. That’s what’s so special about Eva: she sees media exposure and storytelling in the context of the real business goals, and knows how to align them with each other. Her professional PR and marketing experience really shine through, and coupled with her personal talents as a coach, can do wonders.”

Anastasia Sharova, Founder, Happy BellyFish

“You Leave Every Session With Immense Clarity And Inspiration

“Eva is masterful at empowering you amidst your internal creative chaos and confusion. You leave every session with immense clarity and inspiration, that the next action steps feel invigorating and second nature.

On top of all this she has many hidden gems up her sleeve. You will receive more than what you signed up for. Thank you Eva for your beautiful, heart centred, and unique work.”

Gabrielle Mazure

We Got The Thoughts Out Of My Head And Transformed Into Great Content

Eva is a joy to work with. She is honest, enthusiastic and with her expert guidance we got the thoughts out of my head and transformed into great content. I couldn’t have done this without her.

I hired Eva as a storytelling coach and her genuine passion and dedication shine through in our sessions. I hope to continue just because it was so much fun!

Luna Gladman, Transformation Manager for Wellpreneurs

“Eva Is Integrity – Always Seeing The Client As A Person Instead Of A Reoccurring Paycheck”

Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and cultural influences tried to dominate my sessions with Eva. My ego and fear wanted quick and easy answers, yet Eva always wanted more for me. Her exercises and prompts stirred up the foundation of my psyche, cracking the limiting beliefs that caused me to search for outside support instead of turning inward and solving my problems independently. I left each session feeling lighter and stronger, like I could breathe easier; as if a layer of outside influence had been peeled away.

Eva is intuitive and direct. I was continuously impressed by her ability to recognize when I was starting to spiral or attempting to bullshit my way through our session. She showed compassion when it was clear I needed to be heard, but did not waste anytime entertaining victim mindset games. Instead she brilliantly crafted questions that allowed me to highlight my own strengths and abilities in a way I had never realized before.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met Eva when I did. At the time I was desperate for confidence and success. Any other coach would have kept me addicted to the support, feeding me solutions to my problems bit by bit, costing me thousands of dollars in the end. Eva not only provided me with rich, satisfying sessions, but also suggested a break in our sessions when she saw signs of codependency. Eva is integrity; always seeing the client as a person instead of a reoccurring paycheck, and for that she has earned my trust and me as a long-term client. I am grateful to have Eva on my team. She reminds me that I am invincible, inspiring and so very capable.

Thank you, Eva. Your time, energy, and gifts has been a God-sent. I look forward to working with you again.
Kaylen Bird

Played A Formidable Role In My Self-understanding

I signed up with Eva for personal branding sessions and I left with a better-defined story for myself. She helped me put the story together and make sense of it collectively. Eva is an absolute star of a person!

What I loved most about working with her was she listened thoroughly for the right points and dwelled deeper into it. This played a formidable role in my self-understanding. She has inspired me to be a better person today and I have found a friendship I am going to adore for years to come.

Varun Sharma, Project Manager at PwC

I Loved To Be Heard With So Much Attentiveness

I would not only recommend Eva to someone who wants to write a book or get some promotional material going on – but, to anyone that needs a different kind of self-awareness tool. It is a therapeutical process to express yourself AND listen to your life story being dissected in such a way that you can reframe, analyze, and understand your story better. In my case, I was very impressed to see how my story had so much color that I never realized.

I didn’t really know what storytelling meant. My biggest and happiest discovery was to find out that storytelling was therapeutical to me. It was a form of self-discovery. Looking at the story of my life with distance and, at the same time enchantment, is something I had never done before. In hindsight, we are all walking stories. It’s nice to have someone that can help you frame the story of your life in a way that is impactful, touching and useful for other people

I am someone that can get carried away by my own stories. I tend to add words that are not necessary. Sometimes, those words take away the impact or confuse the message. One of my biggest learning after my time with Eva, is to ask the right questions before I start to communicate. This way I know exactly which message I want to convey, how and to whom. Our sessions have opened my eyes on how to be more effective through my communication. It’s not just about the quantity of words or how excited I can get about the story I’m trying to tell. No, it’s also about how impactful my delivery will be.

I loved the way Eva conducts these sessions. Without noticing it, you are gently swayed to a direction of understanding how your shortcomings can transform themselves. I love the humanness in every session when we start with meditation. I also loved to be heard with so much attentiveness.

Whenever I got the summary of our sessions it was very impressive to see the details and to see that Eva was capable of paying such attention throughout our sessions.

– Adriana MeBarr, Holistic Personal, Relationship & Corporate Coach, Meditation and Power Yoga Instructor

Eva Is Able To Capture The Essence Of A Story And Tell It Brilliantly

I had the pleasure of working with Eva on developing a series of infographics for Kippreport.com from 2011 to 2012. I found her to be highly intelligent and deeply creative with an intuitive understanding of what makes an interesting story.

Drawing on strong analytical and creative skills, Eva is able to capture the essence of a story and tell it brilliantly – flavouring it with wit, insight and a sound understanding of how good design drives content.

Employing Eva as a full time or freelance professional is a ‘no brainer’. She would be a great asset to any organisation.

Erini Fahim, Senior Lighting Artist at Deluxe Animation

testimonials from my time in


Unique Ability To Inspire Your Editorial Agenda And Elevate Your Social Credentials

Eva is a talented communications and branding whiz, with a unique ability to inspire your editorial agenda and elevate your social credentials.

Her particular talent lies in sparking engagement with both online and real-life audiences. I have had the opportunity to work with Eva at two different organizations and her creativity and drive never fail to impress.

Most recently, she led on the implementation of a bespoke organization-wide app and ensured its successful roll-out and adoption, as well as the creation of bespoke employee engagement programs that focused on elevating our diversity and inclusion objectives at Omnicom Media Group MENA.

Neeraj Khanna
Head of Marketing Communications, Awards & PR, Asia-Pacific

She Lives And Breathes Her Role

Eva is one of the most passionate and dedicated people you are likely to come across in the workplace. She lives and breathes her role and ensures that she gives it her best shot to ultimately have all stakeholders, including herself, be satisfied with the result. Her quest to add purpose and meaning to hers as well as her colleagues working lives is admirable.

Zeeshan Ali Merchant
People Team Director at Omnicom Media Group (MENA)

Self-motivated And Driven By Performance

Eva very quickly demonstrated her sharp mind and put her natural curiosity to work. Having identified new ways for us to communicate internally and externally, she used her research, writing and people skills to produce and distribute content effectively. In doing so, Eva discovered a new interest and explored new dimensions, like diversity and inclusion.

She excelled in the management of our employee app, OMGene, from a technical, usage and content standpoint. Self-motivated and driven by performance, Eva will achieve great results in everything she sets her mind to.

Elie Khouri, Chairman at Omnicom Media Group (MENA)

Eva Is Inquisitive By Nature And Always Challenges The Status Quo

I have worked with Eva for the past 2 years and if I were to sum my my experience with her in 3 words, they would be: Enriching, inspiring and honest. Eva is inquisitive by nature, and always challenges the status quo.

She has launched a lot of people-driven initiatives that have made a difference in our company culture, one of these initiatives being the launch of Omniwomen in Dubai, which was a massive success. She has helped a lot of people at Omnicom (including myself) launch their personal brands on several platforms, and her marketing knowledge has helped shape a lot of strategies. I know wherever Eva works, she will be an asset to the organization.

Layal Harmoush Takieddine
Head Of Marketing at OMD UAE

Eva Cares Very Much About Diversity, Fairness, Inclusion And Gender Equality.

My working relationship began with Eva on a project called OMGene. My business, The Social Corporations built a mobile app for Omnicom to modernise internal processes, give HR/People Teams more data on team compositions and performance, modernise training and create feedback loops for management with the employees.

Eva was my client and the central project manager for OMGene- without her the app would have not succeeded. Eva lead the OMGene cause in many different ways, but namely:

– Devising the launch strategy and launching the app
– Managing and curating content for the app
– Liaising with many different stakeholders to keep the app moving
– Pushing the boundaries of innovation to create new updates that aimed at giving management more data
– Marketing the app constantly
– Devising more use cases of the app and implementing them

Her work on the app reflected what her true values are, that is people. Eva cares very much about diversity, fairness, inclusion and gender equality. Her work on the app, particularly the feedback that came from employees and data on team compositions was dear to her heart and she took actionable steps to solve any people issues – this reflects her values.

It helps that she is bolstered by many priceless skills. Eva has a journalism background meaning she is a great copywriter and has a good array of PR contacts. She also has an uncanny curiosity to constantly seek what the problems are and ask how a company can do better – this means that she is a very good at digging into data.

Eva is a fantastic personal brand consultant, and we have done work together in this field. As an entrepreneur, she is helping me to seek out my core mission statements and my values that create a personal brand. For this I am grateful.

Beyond all the talent, Eva is a lovely person, very calm and approachable and a pleasure to work with! I am sure our working relationship will continue.

Ramy Al-Kadhi
Commercial Manager at Anghami

Eva Thinks Differently

Eva thinks differently.

She comes to things from a different angle – the one that the rest of us maybe hadn’t spotted yet.
What I appreciate the most about the dynamic she creates, is that it encourages everyone else to approach things differently too.
It’s an incredible gift, skill, talent. Whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her execute it flawlessly time and time again.

Because that’s the more important thing about Eva – she’s not just a different thinker or an ideas person, she’s far more talented than that. She’s also an executioner. She’s direct and decisive and has a clear vision. Thoroughly researched, and quick to deliver high quality work.
I’d love the opportunity to work with Eva again.

Rachel Maher, Partner, Head of Marketing, MediaCom

testimonials from my time in

journalism +
social media


Eva is one of the most creative and organised people I’ve had the chance to work with. Whether it is running a daily news schedule, producing original content or implementing a social strategy, Eva tackles each task with passion and precision. She has an eye for innovation and on numerous occasion employed new strategies to better tell stories, including infographics and design templates, while encouraging team members to do so as well.

I was particularly impressed with an original social video series she conceptualised and produced from scratch – including filming and editing – just one example of how she doesn’t shy away from trying new challenges and learning new skills.

Samreen Hayat, Editorial Manager at Dubai Tourism


I worked with Eva to leverage the connection between the Yahoo Middle East English and Arabic pages – I found her to be a great team player, always sharing top stories and best practices. I found her insights on social media extremely helpful when we were putting together our social media strategy. She always shared her knowledge, ideas and research on the relatively new field of social media journalism with the whole team – this was something which significantly enhanced our users’ experience on both the front page and Facebook.

Muhammad El Amier El Miery, Browser & Smart Assistant Operations. Sr. Manager – MEA


I commissioned Eva to write a series of articles for Business Pulse on SME insurance and a series of articles for the ENBD newsletter (via Zawya). She is an excellent writer and researcher, adheres to strict deadlines and her work comes highly recommended.

Alice Johnson

Editor, Writer, Journalist, Multimedia Reporter


We hired Eva to manage front page packaging (i.e. select the top stories and put together a package of headline, sub-text and image for each) and do social media. I was impressed from the start by her poise and ability to stay utterly calm under pressure, particularly with breaking news. She put together some fabulously creative Buzzfeed-style slideshows and really built Yahoo Maktoob’s social media presence. A highly reliable person to have on a media team.

Suzanne Locke

Founder at Locke Digital – digital content, uncluttered


I knew from the moment Eva joined the team as front page editor that we had made the right decision in hiring her. Her organisational skills are second to none. She is filled with a constant flow of ideas and is by far one of the most fun people I have had the pleasure of working with.

She is highly creative having on more than one occasion come up with ideas for features, galleries and Gifs on a number of current subjects, ranging from Oscar Pistorius to Dubai life, that drove significant audience figures.

She was also tasked with driving up our social media figures – something she has owned to the last – driving up interest globally with fellow editors in other regions around the world as she worked to share ideas that would help raise traffic.

In short Eva is everything a digital media professional needs to be and then more. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone considering hiring her.

Peter Harrison

Bureau Chief at Arab News


Here’s the thing about working with Eva – she’s skilled, intelligent, fun and a true digital native. Though it wasn’t in her job description, she approached me on several occasions to better understand how to create and distribute multi-media content. I helped train her on Final Cut Pro X and was impressed by how quickly she picked up on the best-practices of video production. She’s got a great eye for creativity – she once taught herself a face-morphing software in a day to create a video.

She shows a passion to learn new skills and goes the extra mile to be proficient in understanding new ways of telling a story visually.

More than that, I’ve learned a lot from her when it comes to social media especially with regards to understanding how to increase reach and boost social traffic to our website.

Osman Alam, Director – Innovation & Design CEMEA at Visa


I had the pleasure of working with Eva for almost 12 months, and in that time her efficient delivery and quality of work were hugely beneficial to me and my team. She has an acute attention to detail, can write in a number of different styles depending on the medium, and is proactive – meaning I could leave her unsupervised, safe in the knowledge she will get the job done to a high level. She has a tenacious (perfect for a writer) yet professional personality, and I would happily recommend her to any company.

Simon Thurston, Partner, Pure Partners


Eva has a good eye for innovation. She works well in a team and takes initiative in constantly improving processes at work. Her writing skills are well-paired with a working knowledge of digital content management and design. Eva thrives in a work environment that encourages creative thinking and employs open management styles

Precious de Leon, Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator at WeEmploy™