i help facilitate




through workshops

Empathy + Vulnerability

Flex your empathy and vulnerability muscles with a like-minded community.

I host bespoke 90-minute long workshops which combine Authentic Relating and circling practices with a social justice lens. Here’s why you NEED to attend one:

Develop greater self-awareness and social awareness

Look critically at the way in which we communicate with ourselves, our elders, our children and our coworkers.

Explore ‘saying what’s on your mind’ in safe space. Experiment with ways to do the impolite thing and build capacity and courage to be a little more open in your life.

Be seen and heard deeply: Take up space and relish in the time and energy given for you to be truly witnessed.

what if we would

connect deeply by default

what if we had


which feel like real


“Don’t be real…”

It’s counter-cultural to be fully be YOURSELF in relationships and society

We get ALL kinds of messages from society which makes us self-censor. Culture, self-preservation and common sense leads us to listen to some extent to these voices:

1.  “You can’t appear weak, unsure or emotional… if you do you will be taken advantage of.” 

2.  “You can’t differ from the party line. You can’t be different or have different values, ambitions or political opinions… if you want to be part of a community”

3.  “You can’t burden others with what you’re struggling with emotionally, socially, politically or relationally. No one cares. You can’t depend on others for anything. It’s all a transaction. People only engage with you for what they can get from you.”

4.  “You can’t have many deep meaningful relationships. It takes too much effort and you might experience true connection with one or two people in your lifetime.” 

We Clam Up.

Urgh. Social conditioning ruins relationships and lives. 

All of these legitimate voices eventually become part of our internal monologue.

If you’re a functioning member of society – chances are you agree to some extent with the blocks to being more open and honest.  But what happens as a result of this…?

We tend to keep it all in. 

We feel stuck. We don’t enjoy intimate relationships. Maybe we’re engaged in many inauthentic friendships. We begin to second guess people’s intentions – always looking for the agenda for another’s generosity and tenderness.


That’s where I come in… 

what if we could believe

it is safe

be seen
be honest
ask for help

what if we could

be in


without sacrificing our


Authentic Relating

I’ve committed myself to constantly keep learning and practicing how to listen, speak, notice and share from a place of curiosity and openness.

I’ve trained with ART cofounder Ryel Kestano and Senior course leader Rick Smith to learn how to become an Authentic Relating Facilitator. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege to be part of countless numbers of women’s circles, authentic relating practices. I’ve  facilitated several workshops with a varied group of participants from high school students from the Green School Bali to the leadership team of Lean In Europe. I’ve also facilitated unique bespoke workshops which included a mother with her daughter and friends.

what if we would

stand up
for & to
each other

when difference + difficulty arise

what if 

conflict is embraced + enjoyed

Social Justice First

I help facilitate deep conversations…through a social justice informed lens 

Something I realised when operating in these spaces was just how the freedom to be authentically yourself gets tangled through the lens of privilege, race, gender and tradition.

I create opportunities to share these kinds of connections with people who are like me.

More and more people of color, people working to dismantle oppressive systems and people who are looking for deep connection. I am proud to bring in more of who I am into the world of authentic relating, women’s circles and other conscious group experiences.

How does this work?

My relating group experiences are my favorite experimentation lab. Want to join me?

If you are interested in experiencing and experimenting with emotional intimacy in a space which feels safe – JOIN me. I host free workshops every quarter which go over the basic practices around being seen, being held and being heard.

Also, I create bespoke experiences for groups. If you’d like to journey with your family members, friends or co-workers – click here to send an inquiry and have an introductory call to take it further.

I host free workshops every quarter which go over the basic practices around being seen, being held and being heard.