Hi, I’m Eva

I’m a pro-justice storytelling coach and thought partner.

I help you share the truth, wisdom and power of your life experiences without sounding cheesy, contrived or clueless.

I support social justice conscious entrepreneurs, leaders & visionaries working to dismantle oppressive systems affected by racism, sexism and ableism.

creative trauma is real.

if you’re struggling to be visible, vulnerable and authentic… I completely can relate

Perfectionism Limits Us

Creative resistance, perfectionism and the hostility of our world LIMIT how we show up.

How do you speak UP after decades of conforming, playing it small, believing you’re not writers, artists thinkers or that your voice doesn’t really matter? While I’ve published thousands of words under my name, when it comes to putting out my heart’s ideas – I still feel twinges of panic and self-doubt.

Our Unique Complex Individual Healing Journey

It’s not easy to move through creative trauma. At all. I know. We need genuine support, guidance, love and care. The more I delve into my own process of creative healing…well, the more I realize how complex and long our individual journeys to self-expression maybe. I draw from my own experience to extend a lot of compassion and patience towards my clients as I see them rewriting their own life story and doing something that is pretty awesome and terrifying.

creativity thrives with support

supportive people and ecosystems makes all the difference.

It takes a village

An insider’s secret to the world of ‘content’…

There’s a lot of people, money, effort and time going into Every. Single. Piece of content being published by newsrooms, publishing houses and marketing agencies. That incredible opinion piece you read on The NewYork Times?

Yeah, the ideas were vetted, read, edited and discussed with at least three different people. That stunning social media campaign making a loud political statement? It was designed, copy written and published by the marketing department or agency handling the account.

What if YOU had professional help?

Now, think about how much of SUPPORT you have for birthing your ideas into the world? If your only editorial sounding board also shares your bed, chances are you’re not getting the editorial critical support you need.

What if there was a way to think through your ideas with an editor? To go through versions and versions of the same draft? What if there was a way to align your thought leadership with your brand strategy? What if you could have the support of a professional editorial and marketing department?

journalism + marketing + coaching

I have a unique combination of diverse professional corporate experience + heart-led guidance.

Professional support

Professional editorial + marketing chops to the rescue

For seven years, I worked extensively within the Middle East communications industry within the fields of journalism, public relations, corporate communications and marketing. I’ve written, edited and packaged hundreds of articles on Middle Eastern business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment for Yahoo Middle East and Kippreport. I’ve also been published in Gulf News, Communicate and The New York Times T Magazine Middle East.

I learned communications, marketing and personal branding from my time at Fortune 500 award-wining agency Omincom Media Group Middle East & through the Feminist Copywriting Certification.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialisation in Journalism from The American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Strategic, funny & inspiring

As a journalist and editor, I learned very quickly how to balance information and engagement when writing for an audience. I developed an innate sense of ‘What’s the meat of this story? What’s the hook? This journalistic wisdom is what I draw on when I work with my clients.

I will always keep your STRATEGIC goals at the top of my mind. Whether we are brainstorming, reflecting or creating a piece of art, content or strategy… I will always draw you back to your core goal. It’s how I think. I can’t help it.

Storytelling Coaching

To go where editors refuse to

I bring a gentle open compassion to the process of storytelling. 

I believe in partnering, shaping, nurturing and truly supporting the storyteller until the story is ripe and ready. I understand how vulnerable you need to be to share your life story with others. This is why I chose the vocation of being a storytelling coach and NOT an editor. 

My client’s work is important to me, sure. But, what’s important to me is that my clients KEEPS writing, creating and thinking. My job is to keep my clients confident in their sense of self AND keep on improving their style of expression.

storytelling, soul work & justice

my work as a storytelling coach is an extension of my spiritual beliefs around creativity, purpose, community and love.

Liberatory Expression

Telling your story is a political statement, an act of resistance and a deeply healing experience.

Liberation, to me, means we have the right to be seen, to be held, to love and be loved. Social justice is the truth that we have the RIGHT to be: well rested, healthy, well-resourced, creative and self-expressed.

After experiencing corporate burnout, I left my life in the Middle East to travel across the world and travel inwards for three years. It has been a fulfilling, difficult, lonely, beautiful and nomadic journey of healing, reconnecting and shedding. I began to understand how storytelling isn’t about ‘finding the right angle’ or ‘marketing yourself’.

Play, joy & awe

I’m committed to a world of authenticity, expression, playfulness, love and kindness.

Storytelling coaching is my way of helping others, to FEEL, create, and express. It is a vehicle I use to continue to tap into this world of healing, expression, playfulness, pleasure, joy, wonder and awe.

what’s justice got to do with it?

sharing your life story and wisdom is spiritual and political.

Personal Is Political

I’m Committed To Challenging The Status Quo On Whose Story Gets To Be Told, Heard And Held

I believe in understanding our personal life story within the larger social economic and ideological frameworks we live in. As we begin to contextualise our life we begin to be able to relate to others and help our own inner healing. We help in acknowledging the social injustice and dynamics which either helped us or held us back.

  • I work specifically with pro-justice entrepreneurs and community leaders

  • I abide by pro-justice feminist business practices

  • Telling the stories of BIPOC is an act of resistance and liberation

  • I’m committed to co-creating world with more justice and loving systems

It is my life’s calling to be part of the momentum attempting to break the cycle of trauma and oppression. As a dark-skinned, Indian woman, my life, my identity and the opportunities I’ve had and not had, are acutely informed by my race, gender and class. Understanding and dismantling oppressive systems work is my life’s work. This is why I do the work that I do.

I’m currently reading, learning and talking about diversity, inclusion and justice with Kelly Diel’s culture makers. In the past, I was a Founding Board Member of Omniwomen Middle East – a global association dedicated to championing the number and influence of female talent. I was also one of the earliest members of feminist organisation Lean In Arabia and part of the French Business Council Dubai’s Diversity and Inclusion Think Tank.

Cultural Complexity & Me.

Cultural conflict between Eastern and Western values play out in my heart and upon my tongue everyday.

I sit between the intersection of race, religion, generation and culture traditions. This juxtaposition has fundamentally shaped my compassion, acceptance and understanding of diversity of thought.

  • I’m from Mangaluru, India.

  • I was born and grew up in the UAE, Middle East.

  • I had a liberal arts North American university education in a conservative Islamic Middle Eastern city.

  • I currently live nomadically between Indonesia and the USA.

  • I have worked in organisations filled with 80+ different nationalities

  • I have travelled across 30+ countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

want to work with me?

here’s what we can do together

create body of work

Through a podcast, series of essays, videos or even a book. Your heart picks.

create copy magic

Through your About, Sales, Landing Page and bio guided purely by ethical marketing theory.

create community

For soulful heart-centered people who want to deepen their dearest relationships through authentic relating and women’s circles.

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