this one is for the visionaries.

the ones who are pushing the boundaries, trying to understand how to move through harm and old wounds. thinkers. leaders. artists. conscious creative entrepreneurs. healers. coaches. authors.

I believe in people just like YOU.

I see you.

Leaders, activists, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Pushing the boundaries, trying to understand how to move through harm and old wounds. The ones working to dismantle oppressive systems. The ones feeling into harm caused by the -ISMs…

In particular racism, ableism and sexism.

We desperately need to hear from YOU. Let’s be real though, perfectionism is a hot sticky mess to work through.

I envision a world where your vision, dreams, methodology, heart’s desires is a part of our mainstream dialogue.

However, I know leaders can feel stifled by toxic perfectionism perpetuated by an unsafe world which shames anything heartful, authentic and counter-cultural.

This prevents them from being fully expressed, deeply seen by their community and ultimately from doing their best work.

articulate your genius

i use a combination of deep listening, coaching, gentle nudging, editorial guidance and strategic thinking to get you closer to articulating your genius.

Seen, Heard & Held

For over a decade, I worked extensively within the communications industry – primarily in the Middle East (read more here). I combine my communications expertise with soulful compassionate coaching containers to co-create with my clients.

Together, we will do deep work. I’ll help you be truly seen, heard and held. I help you share the truth, wisdom and power of your life experiences without feeling unsafe, cheesy or manipulative.

deepen your impact

being fully and deeply expressed helps you deepen the impact you’re already creating for yourself, clients and community.

after working with me my clients often feel


let’s work together

create body of work

Through a podcast, series of essays, videos or even a book. Your heart picks.

create copy magic

Through your About, Sales, Landing Page and bio guided purely by ethical marketing theory.

create community

For soulful heart-centered people who want to deepen their dearest relationships through authentic relating and women’s circles.


here’s how to start

Ready? How to START

Step 1 > APPLY :
Fill in the appropriate form on each page (it should take 15 minutes)

Step 2 > SCHEDULE:
I will email you to schedule in a complimentary 90-minute storytelling coaching session

We meet! For 90 minutes, we will go deep. I’ll ask you some tough and joyful questions

Step 4 > NEXT STEPS:
After this session, if we are both interested in taking it further, we will set-up a follow-up call to discuss the details of how we can work together.

What will happen during our first complimentary session?

Deepen your self-awareness

This session is free of charge. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, your creative goals, what may be stopping you and how you can work through it. It is also an opportunity for you to experience my unique coaching + editorial guidance approach.

Are we a good fit for further work?

Typically, these sessions are a chance for a prospective client and myself to see if we’re a good fit. People who attend them are interested in pursuing a longer term relationship with me after thoroughly reviewing how they can work with me. So, if it is appropriate, towards the end of this session I may make recommendations of how we may work best with each other.

Deep work NEEDS time (and more than one session)

It’s important for me to note that a single session is only the beginning of what we may be able to co-create together. During our call, we may only be able to touch on a fraction of what you’re wanting to create or work through. Deep work needs time. I work with clients over a four to six-month period – this when we see the most powerful creative transformations.

I work best with…

Finally, I do my best work with opinionated people who have SOMETHING to SAY. They’re pro-justice, healers and are critical of our current world order. They’re brimming with ideas, funny, brilliant people. They’re purpose-driven and see our work together as part of their larger purpose in life.

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