Activism and metta.

I believe in making money in just ways to create a more just reality. It’s as simple as that.

I grew up in the Middle East where business is practiced differently. A business meeting wouldn’t start before you had a cup of coffee, a few dates and spoke about the wellbeing of your family. A meeting wouldn’t end by you just leaving a room. You’d be personally walked all the way down the corridor, to the elevator and sent away with warmth, kindness and familial familiarity.

I’m forever imprinted by my former coworkers and bosses in the Middle East who modeled for me how to look beyond the rigidity of contracts and develop life long relationships. 

Yes, I’m new to running a business. I don’t have it all figured out.  BUT.  Here’s what I do know. I want to practice business differently too. 

Here are my ever-evolving financial, community, ethical and inclusion values which inform my practice.

liberation for all

unpacking oppressive systemic dynamics is one of my life commitments. liberation is a guiding force for my business and my life.

Liberatory Expression

I’m Committed To Challenging The Status Quo On Whose Story Gets To Be Told, Heard And Held

I believe storytelling is deeply political and personal. I work with BIPOC leaders primarily as part of the global effort to bring greater diversity to the voices of different people.

My Feminism, Spirituality And Striving For Liberation Is Intersectional And Inclusive

Spiritual healing, self-actualization, self-expression for ALL. Dreaming for ALL. Not just for the select few who have the financial resources to create, dream and be.

I Take A Heart-centered Approach To Our Shared Language Around Diversity

  • I have zero tolerance for bigoted behavior from the unapologetically racist, sexist, ableist or homophobic

  • The language and the politics of inclusion is (rightfully) changing and I’m committed to a lifetime of learning and unlearning oppressive language, ideologies and practices.

  • At the SAME TIME – I recognize the language and understanding around these issues greatly differ across cultures, generations and geographies.

  • I’ll never shame a person for using the wrong pronoun or if they aren’t up to date with the latest PC language. I feel for intention and gentle nudging. I’m grateful if you will do the same for me when I mess up too.

    optics? f*** that…

    i work on storytelling & branding which is honest, game-changing + daring because it is genuine to the soul of the person, company or project.

    Spirituality + Justice

    I’m Not Interested In Fixing “Just The Optics”

    The work we do together is deep, authentic and honest – it isn’t about perpetuating a pro-justice marketing message while maintaining an unjust status quo. I don’t work with those who continue to financially benefit and uphold those systems which keep resources with the special few. I support clients to develop authentic expression as an extension and representation of their spirit and actions. Not otherwise.

    I Find It Genuinely Difficult To Serve Those Who Aren’t Unpacking Or Acknowledging Their Privilege.

    money, money, money.

    i believe in paying & charging a fair price. i’m unapologetic about your & my need to make an honest living.


    I’m Unapologetic About My And Your Need To Make A Decent Living.

    My prices reflect my financial needs and ambitions. I’ve been financially supporting my family and myself since I started working.
    I’m my own sole provider – I don’t have anyone helping me out of a tough spot. I pay completely for my own healthcare, rent, legal status, learning, development and training courses. I am unapologetic about my need to make a living and make a lot of money to take care of myself and those I love.

    I Craft My Professional Services With A View Towards Financial Accessibility

    Free coaching: I offer 90 minutes of free coaching to mostly anyone who wants it – no strings attached or expectations.

    Payment plans are available and at no extra fees. I’m incredibly flexible in meeting my clients where they’re financially at. 

    I share my insights, learning and educational resources for free in the form of a weekly newsletter

    Free workshops: I facilitate several group workshops and circles every year for free.

      I Believe In Paying A Fair Price

      I don’t bargain with my business partners, vendors, coaches or support. At times, I have paid significantly more than was asked because I was sensitive to the power dynamics which prevented the vendors from asking for a higher price for truly high-quality offerings

      Sharing Resources, Power And Privilege Is Important To Me.

      • 10% of my revenue is donated to Vipassana Prison Fund which brings the meditation technique as taught by the Budha to the incarcerated. 
      • I’m committed to providing storytelling coaching, marketing and strategic advice to those who may never have access to my official services. I’m ALWAYS open to collaboration and mentorship to help BIPOC communities – ESPECIALLY with kids.
      • Please, please, please, reach out to – I’m here for that.

        Burnout is so 2016

        Business Is About Flourishing Not Burning Out – For Everyone Involved.

        As a former victim of burn-out culture, I believe in respecting the wellbeing of all those I work with. I don’t have unrealistic superhuman expectations to solve problems or deliver results.

        I appreciate: Life. Happens. Kids get sick. Cars breakdown. Your mother needs you now. The internet stops working. You can’t make it to a session. You can’t do the reflection. I get it.  Within reason, I’m incredibly flexible with honouring our contract of agreement.

        i heart community

        Relationships are the hallmarks of a well-lived life. I run my business with this lens above all else.

        Community Matters

        The Relationships And Communities I Develop Through My Business Is More Important Than My Revenue

        Relationships are my number 1 priority. I believe in and trust my clients, coworkers and partners. Contracts are in place for legal reasons. Our relationship goes beyond what we have down in black and white. I make frequent recommendations, introductions and collaborations within my community.

        I don’t see other coaches, healers and branding strategists as competition – we’re all working together to create a better, more articulated world. I endeavor to create life-long relationships through my business