ready to create a


Create YOUR legacy

This bespoke storytelling coaching program is PERFECT for you when you’re ready to CREATE.

Create your Body of work. Your intellectual property. Your podcast, blog, book or series of essays. Your manifesto. Your memoir.

As your storytelling coach and thought partner, I help you:

    • CREATE! Publish. Write. Record.
    • Mine your life for only the most powerful metaphors and anecdotes
    • Answer that inner nagging asking – ‘Yeah, but is this any good?’
    • Stay on track

connect the dots of your life.

start creating. 

take up space. 

share your vision.

bi-weekly 1:1 storytelling coaching

usd 485 per month

*payment plans available with no extra charge and  transfer fees not included

Mining. Refining. Creating.

We meet every two weeks as we journey through the XBEVA Three-Step Process

1.  Mining: Finding the gems of your life through deep conversation, reflection and coaching.

2.  Refining: Figuring out how to polish and package the gems through editorial guidance and experimentation.

3.  Creating: Creating the masterpiece and getting it out into the world depending on what that means for you.

you’re an agent of change.

You’re a Visionary.

Your well of wisdom runs deeps

You are now at a point – where you have a distinct and UNIQUE way of thinking, working and being.

You see confirmations of your intuition all around you. Just a run to the grocery can light you up with a series of deep insights about your work and the meaning of life.

You feel a deep urge to capture your way of dancing with life. You’re not alone. A lot of leaders feel the same way.

sharing your life’s wisdom, stories & vision can feel


Frozen. Stuck. Silenced.

Leaders often feel constricted, hesitant and stuck when it comes to birthing their body of work into being. Why?

It feels risky. 

There is a genuine threat of being rejected and shamed for creating authentically

  • They’ve been punished in the past for showing up in an honest, authentic and artful heartful way.  Now, they’re stuck in creative trauma.
  • Their work is counter-cultural. The stakes are high. Their reputation is on the line. 
  • Their writing implicates others: They fear too for how their work will impact their parents, children, spouse and friends. 


No bandwidth

Visionaries and leaders often give a lot of their time and energy to those they serve

Running low on energy and time they feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the process of creation. Where to begin? What medium to choose? Books, podcasts?

Toxic individualism

The myth of the lone writer, artist or thinker – misguides leaders into feeling they have to figure their life’s work by themselves.

    • No support system to keep them accountable, inspired and stay in the game. 
    • No company Exhausted from isolation
    • No perspective: They genuinely struggle to get perspective on their life and see connections between their life events and values. 

Icky & Cheesy 

Traditional bro marketing and personal branding feels super sleazy and cheesy. 

The traditional way of showing up and sharing one’s work – especially on the internet – is:

    • Fraught with posturing and unethical attempts at persuasion and manipulation

    • Feels tired, difficult and unappealing

    • This stops creators in their tracks for fear of being yet another person with a blog or YouTube account — I personally can vouch for this. 

creative constipation

has deep soul 


Demotivated & Disheartened.

And so, many leaders put off creating their body of work… they may say one of these things. (I’ve said a version of Every. Single. One. Of. These)

I’ll get around to it one day…

  • Some day. When I have the cabin in the woods
  • When the kids go to college
  • When the time is right
  • If it is meant to be.
  • When I’m truly ready 
  • When I’ve figured it all out
  • When I’m a better writer, thinker, video-maker, podcast host-er.

While it feels safe and calm on the surface, ignoring the call to create a body of work has deep soul implications. Being creatively constipated leaves, them feeling unseen and limits their potential to create for and be of service to their community.

what if we took

our commision to be artists, thinkers & visionaries

seriously + proactively?

this is an invitation.

this is an invitation.

open up.
be seen.
be heard.
ask for more.
start. TODAY.

that’s where
i come in

Hi, I’m Eva

I’m a Pro-Justice Storytelling Coach & Thought Partner.

I help you share the truth, wisdom and power of your life experiences without sounding cheesy, contrived or clueless.

Journalism + Marketing
& Coaching

I have a unique combination of diverse professional corporate communications experience + heart-led guidance.

For seven years, I worked extensively within the Middle East communications industry within the fields of journalism, public relations, corporate communications and marketing. I’ve written, edited and packaged hundreds of articles on Middle Eastern business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment for Yahoo Middle East and Kippreport.

As a storytelling coach, i support social justice conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, visionaries working to dismantle oppressive systems affected by racism, sexism and ableism.

I believe in partnering, shaping, nurturing and truly supporting the storyteller until the story is ripe and ready. I understand how vulnerable you need to be to share your life story with others. This is why I chose the vocation of being a storytelling coach and NOT an editor. 

My client’s work is important to me, sure. But, what’s important to me is that my clients KEEPS writing, creating and thinking. My job is to keep my clients confident in their sense of self AND keep on improving their style of expression.

Read more ABOUT ME here

‘yeah, but is it any good…?’

Fear of rejection is real. I’ll GENTLY help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, what needs to be tightened up, what is beautiful and powerful.

Focussed & Productive

I will help you stay on track, inspired and productive

I will hold you accountable to create at a regular steady pace

On track: Throughout our six-months you will be steadily creating and producing. I am very patient. I believe in the process. I will not rush you. I will keep you on track, hold you accountable and call you out the sneaky ways your resistance may be holding you back.

Staying strategic –Whether we are brainstorming, reflecting or creating a piece of art, content or strategy… I will always draw you back to your core goal of service to your community, family and business. 

From the heart: Borrowing from somatic therapy practices, we listen to your body for intuition on what needs to be shared, how resistance feels and for deep support and inspiration.

Creative Loving Support

Shame and creative violence is real. Your work is precious. It isn’t just a commodity or piece of art to be ripped to shreds or critiqued. If you’re recovering from post-MFA creative trauma, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I understand how many different emotions rise up when we start to put ourselves out there. I treat this vulnerability with reverence and respect. My role is to support you, encourage you. Gently, I will help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, what needs to be tightened up, what is beautiful and what is powerful.

after working with me my clients often feel


Seeing the dots of your life all line up is an effective antidote to the threat of being visible

Legit & Safe.

Your ever-growing  body of work gives you a feeling of credibility and legitimacy. You feel comfortable to continue to take up your space in the limelight.

Seeing the connections, the paths and all the dots lined up – is a phenomenal natural and effective antidote to the threat of being visible. There is great clarity in who you are, what you believe and how you got here. This creates this domino effect of busting over resistance, fears about being visible and threat of rejection or shaming.

when you’re regularly publishing you spark a creative momentum that is EMPOWERING

Empowered & Confident

The momentum you create when you start regularly creating and publishing will empower you in your own creative process.

When resistance shows up you know to listen for whether it is genuine wisdom to slow down OR is it fear of rejection, challenge AND/OR otherwise

You have confidence that when you take on a project or commit to an idea you’re going to see it through – because you know how.

Motivated & Productive

Every day, every moment – feels like a ‘I’m creating my body of work’ day.

You start to look at the world through the lens of ‘Ooh, how can I share this story and insight with others?’ or ‘This would make an awesome blog or video for next week’.

There is an established platform, an outlet that feels easy, intuitive and right for you. When you have an idea, you know to jot it down, record it and then put in the schedule for a blog post or a chapter.

storytelling is deeply strategic heart-centered work.

Deeply Seen & Energized

This is strategic heart-centered work. The deeper you share from your soul, the deeper you are seen by your community. 

Your body of work is something you can point to, it helps you feel deeply seen by others. You feel fully expressed and authentic. This is strategic heart-centered work. The deeper you share from your soul, the deeper you are seen by your community. 

This draws to you deeper relationships, maybe even new connections and of course more business. You feel more energized because it feels like you are investing your energy and service back into yourself – this is the healing  power of creativity.

your soul’s work

1. Why

What is YOUR: 

    • Soul’s work
    • Guiding values
    • Vision for the world
    • Approach to being


2. What

We will explore your life story as it relates to your WHY. We will identify anecdotes and metaphors from:

Your childhood, teenage and adult life

    • Your past socio-economic and cultural framework
    • Your parents, teachers and elders
    • Your access to privilege or lack thereof 
    • Your current relationships


3. How

We also spend time working out your:

    • Tone of voice
    • Preferred medium of storytelling and creativity.
    • Plan of action, support and accountability to bring your body of work to life


4. Your Unique Resistance

What may be holding you back from showing up fully? This is deep work and these are areas we will look into:

Creative trauma and perfectionism – We will gently explore any pain you may have experienced trying to create in the past. We will create small practices to help you to start to create safely, consistently and without fear. 

Releasing past “projects”: If you have a half-written book on the shelf for the last five years, it might be holding you back from creating. We will make like Marie Kondo, thank it for all it has done for you and release.

this is what you can expect from

six months of

month 1 -3:

mining for stories

Each person’s program will look different. Here is the rough outline:

Mining For Stories

Month 1 -3: Through DEEP coaching and reflection sessions we begin to look at your deeper message, values, life experiences. 

You begin to develop the ability to take notes and see connections between your ideas and life experiences.

Every two weeks we do a deep dive into aspects of your life. These sessions are super fun & involve me asking you questions. You are sharing, sharing, sharing. It feels like you’re being interviewed for your life’s autobiography.

These are the kinds of themes we will touch upon: Childhood, young adulthood, marriage, your purpose, love, hope, pain, shadow & the socio, economic and cultural framework you grew up & currently live in. 

You will refine your ability on how to spot and use metaphor and personal anecdotes. Through these sessions, you will begin to identify common threads . You will also begin to flex your ability to be selective when sharing your life story

month 4

clarity +

Clarity and Creation

Month 4: Together, we start to consider what is the best way to share your story and how to be aware of your unique form of resistance which may show up.

A firm picture begins to develop on what you want to share. It is clear you want to create a website, series of essays, a podcast, a book. If you are still a little hazy, we will do a few exercises together to get a sense of where you thrive. This is FUN work.

Half-way through the program, we start to work through the initial resistance which shows up when we try something new and challenging. Through specific practices we shed more awareness of why you may be feeling resistance & how to listen to it and move through it.

month 5 – 6:

time to shine, baby

Time to shine, baby

Month 5 – 6. We work on creating specific bodies of work. We end by creating accountability plans for execution and the way forward.

Through the next two months you are working on, submitting work before every session.

During the sessions we will be discussing that specific piece of work. We will work through your format, layout, impact and purpose.

You start to chart the way forward – identifying the technical and communal support you need to create this project. You’re moving through that to-do list & publishing, releasing and giving birth is imminent.


You will Create!

You will conceptualise, plan and start to create at least one main editorial project with guidance and feedback from me.

By month 4 we will identify your core project, and start to do the leg-work together to get this project off the ground and into production. 

Bi-weekly sessions

We meet every two weeks for six month for 75-minute coaching sessions held on Zoom.

We meet regularly so that you can keep developing your ability to spot connections, anecdotes and metaphors to elevate your storytelling. We get to know each other deeply on a personal, professional and creative level. I get to help you shape your life’s body of work more accurately. 

Also, you don’t feel alone. Creative work can be very lonely – especially when it is just you plodding away at a keyboard for hours on end. Meeting regularly keeps you and I connected and affirms that you are not at alone in this journey. As we get to know each other better, it becomes easier to share vulnerabilities and concerns getting in the way of creating your best work. 

This safety is important to our container.

Sessions can be recorded if you wish – You’re going to say some pretty incredible things during our sessions. Referring back can help you with the process of taking notes and developing your story telling process

In-between sessions

You will be given a personal tracker through which you will be able to submit an assignment.

Before every session, you will need to submit a small reflection exercise regarding the topic we will be tackling in our session.

 It’s not a lot of writing work – just a few sentences and key points.  This helps you do the inner mining and get your juices flowing so you can make the most of our time together.

After every session, you will need to track key insights, connections, metaphors and anecdotes worth developing through your work. This will help you can generate ideas and concepts ready to be developed for your project when it’s time . Every assignment will be read and returned with feedback. Every assignment needs to be submitted within 24 hours before and after a session.

Constant Tiny Actions

Your assignments will keep you focussed and in touch with your project throughout the six months.

One of the key antidotes to resistance, is constant tiny actions. Even though you may not know whether it is a book or audio series you’re creating, these regular reflections and sessions will keep you constantly in touch with your larger purpose.

This way you don’t get stuck and instead you get momentum


Bespoke Coaching

This program is highly unique and specific to the needs of each person.

The program outlined is a rough estimation. If there are elements of this program which are appealing and yet doesn’t feel quite right – please do get in touch. We can work out something, if it is a right fit.

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